Building A Diverse Sales Team With LaunchSource

February 5, 2024
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The Company

Bluecore is a leader in the Multi-Channel Personalization Platform space, founded on a unique technical insight about the importance of unifying shopper and product data into a single system for previously impossible personalization. It drives repeat purchases and increases LTV (Lifetime Value) through superior personalized experiences, helping retail brands dominate the shift to a digital-first approach.

Business Challenge

Bluecore recognized the need to diversify its team but lacked a process to attract more women and underrepresented candidates into their hiring funnel. Aware that filling an SDR role typically takes 96 days, they initially relied on their internal recruiting team for these positions. However, they soon discovered the challenge of attracting diverse candidates. In seeking external solutions to address this issue, they found that traditional recruiting agencies did not prioritize diversity in their candidate selection.


SDRs Hired
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60% of the hires

Women or URM
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9 days

Time to hire
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“I’ve used LaunchSource in 3 companies to scale and LaunchSource is the only platform that I have partnered with that provided us access to the most diverse pool of qualified sales talent” 

Jeff Smith - Vice President of Sales

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