Navigating interviews can be a bit overwhelming, but with some prep and practice, even candidates without much experience can ace the process.
First and foremost, make sure you've got a compelling story that piques the interviewer's interest. Keep it under 2 minutes—no one's looking for your life story, just a snapshot of you.

Please download for a 1 pager on a 3 step formula and example that we recommend that you use to create your unique candidate pitch.

Next up, recognize that savvy interviewers pay close attention to the questions you throw their way, especially the clincher: "What are the next steps in the process?"

Here's a list of questions you should jot down and be ready to fire at your interviewers:

  • What are the standout qualities of your top-performing reps?
  • In the initial 90 days, what strategies have proven effective for speeding up ramp time?
  • What do you expect from your Account Executives, and what do they love and hate about the job?
  • Considering recent changes from Google and Yahoo on email limits, how does that impact or shift your strategy for the SDR organization?
  • How does our team's contribution to the sales pipeline evolve with market dynamics?
  • Post the initial 90 days, what training is in place to help us achieve goals and quotas?
  • What percentage of reps are currently surpassing their goals, and what are the common coaching areas for those falling short?
  • How does diversity factor into building the sales team and the company as a whole? Are there Employee Resource Groups that enhance rather than hinder sales success?
  • Based on your experience at [Research your interviewer's LinkedIn], how has your coaching and leadership style evolved? Any anticipated changes in the next 12 months, considering your recent role shift?
  • How does [Company you're interviewing with] plan to outshine [Competitor 1, Competitor 2, Competitor 3]?
  • What materials or guidance does marketing provide the SDR team for effective messaging and asset utilization?
  • What shortcomings have disqualified candidates in my position in the past?
  • What are the upcoming steps in the process?
  • Are there any reservations about moving me forward to round 2?
  • What excites you about being a part of this company?
  • How do you celebrate individual and team success when it comes to pipeline contribution?
  • What's the collaboration like between Account Executives and SDRs, given our frequent collaboration? How will we be working together?
  • Can you recommend a book that you believe will impact SDRs in 2024?
  • What does the training process look like in the first 2 weeks, initial 90 days, and the subsequent 12 months?
  • What resources are available to ensure success as we transition into this role, both from the company and external sources like classes or eLearning?

Currently interviewing with company’s outside of LaunchSource’s network and interested in more in depth and personalized one on one interview coaching and help creating your unique candidate pitch?