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Traditional Sales BootCamps Could Hurt Your Business

While candidates show initiative by investing in SDR-focused courses, it prompts a crucial question: Can anyone excel in the SDR role merely by taking a course? Gain valuable insights from LaunchSource, a trusted resource for thousands of candidates and sales leaders.

What's inside

  • The History of SDR and Tech Bootcamps: A brief historical context behind the emergence of SDR Bootcamps
  • 5 Drawbacks Associated with Traditional Bootcamps for SDRs: Uncover the potential risks associated with relying on traditional bootcamps for building your SDR/BDR team
  • Considerations When Selecting a Talent Solution: Receive insights on factors to weigh when choosing a talent solution beyond traditional bootcamps for your organization's growth
Having collaborated with over 1 million applicants in the span of 9+ years, LaunchSource has engaged with candidates who have undergone bootcamps and companies that have employed them. Our perspective is derived from continuous research within our community. For further insights, feel free to connect with a member of our team.
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