Interview Day is structured and tailored to your needs.

Interview Day is customized for companies based on their hiring needs and includes a consultation using LaunchSource insights on hiring and market dynamics. It’s ideal for companies looking to hire for 3 or more early-career sales roles in one go.

We are different

The most efficient and unbiased way to acquire the best-fit talent for early-career sales positions

Our research is based on close to a million candidates and the widest network of companies like yours

Hire in days, not weeks, while finding the best person for the role

Finding talent is time-consuming and can beccome costly with recruiter fees or bad hires. We source and quality candidates, making interviewing more efficient.

We help your hiring team work in collaboration with one another

We vet candidates based on a process designed by sales leaders. Our candidates come from various background and experiences with transferrable skills.

Realistic hiring goals with our insights on market trends and candidates

With research based on a million candidates and the widest network of tech companies, we help you and the hiring managers align to win the right talent for your team.

We’ve helped hundreds of global companies

Case studies from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

“We had some aggressive pipeline goals. Without LaunchSource, there’s no way we would’ve been able to to hit those goals if weren’t able to access and hire talent as fast as we did.”
VP of Sales
VP of Sales
“The diversity of talent that LaunchSource provided along with rapid access due to frequent promotions was critical to ensure that we had a balanced team.”
VP of Sales Development
“LaunchSource beat our expectation in regards to speed and cost per hire. Their streamlined process provides assurance that we can fill open seats when we need to.”
Michael Costello
VP of Talent

Join hundreds of companies hiring with LaunchSource

Add a dependable source of the most qualified and diverse candidates to your recruitment toolbox and hire faster for early-career roles.