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The next generation platform for hiring, sales ramp-up, and employee development.

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Hire the Best Talent 94% Faster

A Higher Quality Talent Pool

We specialize in finding the top entry-level sales talent. Over 50 companies have trusted LaunchSource to scale their teams fast and reliably.

Faster Access to Candidates

Our candidate video profiles bring hiring managers closer to our candidates to further reduce time spent searching for your next hire.

Hire Smarter

Pre-Screened Candidates

LaunchSource Screens through over 200 entry-level applicants every week. We choose the best of the best, teach them about the business development role, and present them to you.

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Shorten Time to Productivity by 40%

All LaunchSource Candidates complete our Accelerated Ramp Up Solution where they learn the fundamental skills that make a Sales Development Representative more successful, faster.

Managers can then focus on teaching their organization’s value prop and company-specific training, and ultimately hitting your revenue goals.

Accelerate Your Sales Ramp Up

See results faster

Video Introductions

We present candidates to you on our new platform that is meant to give you insight into what candidate is like. This gives you the ability to assess culture fit, attitude, and aspirations instead of looking at just a resume.

See results faster

Reduce Churn

Create a pipeline for higher level roles within your company

Ongoing development is key to keeping your employees happy and productive. It also builds the foundation for success in other parts of your organization. Show your best SDRs a path to success in a more advanced sales position or other parts of the organization by constantly learning.

The Future of Employee Development

Reduce Churn

Pre-Onboarding Training

Before our candidates start with your company, they go through our millennial-centric sales 2.0 fundamental training. This is designed to decrease ramp-up time, allowing you to focus on the company and product-specific training making our candidates the highest performers on your team, fast!

Reduce Churn

Driving Growth at some of the Hottest Startups Today.

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Just look at what our Clients are saying...
  • Mark Roberge LaunchSource quote

    “Through its millennial-friendly format and data-centric approach, LaunchSource is promoting a metrics-driven sales training mindset even before day #1 on the job.”

    Mark Roberge, Harvard Business School
  • Jeff Smith, launchsource quote

    “LaunchSource provided access to highly-vetted talent who were passionate, energetic, professional, and overall a great fit for our team.”

    Jeff Smith, ThinkingPhones
  • Steve Mckenzie LaunchSource quote

    “Hiring through LaunchSource was not only a much more efficient way of finding great talent for our company, but was in fact orders of magnitude more efficient.”

    Steve McKenzie, VP Sales, InsightSquared
  • tom murdock Launchsource quote

    “We used to have to interview 20 candidates to make one hire. LaunchSource was able to lower that ratio to 5 to 1.”

    Tom Murdock, Area Vice President FUZE