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    Browse candidate profiles, listen to audio samples of what they'll sound like hitting the phones, and select people you'd like to interview. Join today with our membership or contingency options.

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    Come meet and interview a hand picked group of candidates interested in working for your company, all in one afternoon. Candidates participate in a group exercise as well as individual interviews with your hiring managers.

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    Our candidates are ready hit the ground running on Day 1. We give them access to eLearning courses before they start as well as continued access to both online and offline learning experiences that help them hone their sales skills as they develop their careers.

  • “We used to have to interview 20 candidates to make one hire. LaunchSource was able to lower that ratio to 5 to 1.”

    Tom Murdock, Senior Manager of Business Development

    “Through its millennial-friendly format and data-centric approach, LaunchSource is promoting a metrics-driven sales training mindset even before day #1 on the job.”

    Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer

    “LaunchSource provided access to highly-vetted talent who were passionate, energetic, professional, and overall a great fit for our team.”

    Jeff Smith, Vice President of Commercial Sales

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