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Best Talents
Ed McDonald
Denver, Colorado
Grace Tyson
Math Teacher
Boston, MA
Isuri Rajapaksa
Recent Graduate
Denver, Colorado
Romiel Noumbissi
Research Analyst
Boston, MA
Steven Arenas
Soccer Coach
New York City, NY
Carly Anadio
Burlington, MA

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Get your time back

With experience from millions of applicants and the widest network of hiring companies, we can provide you with a system that has been proven to help companies hire just one person or scale their sales teams at the most economical cost ever.

Save time on sourcing to focus on closing

Finding talent is time-consuming and can become costly with recruiter fees or bad hires. We source and qualify candidates, making interviewing more efficient.

Hire the best fit with a dependable pipeline of talent

We vet candidates based on a process designed by sales leaders. Our candidates come from various backgrounds and experiences with transferrable skills.

Gain insight into how your company can win top talent

With research based on a million candidates and the widest network of tech companies, we will help your team stay aligned to win the right talent for your sales organization.

Create a better hiring experience and reduce your time to hire

Sales leaders across the US and Canada love LaunchSource's interview enablement solution, proven to reduce time to hire by up to 75%.

Your biggest economic advantage in hiring

In an environment of rapid growth and aggressive hiring goals, finding entry-level sales talent became a time-consuming process that LaunchSource was able to drastically condense. Through its unique approach, LaunchSource provided access to highly-vetted talent who were passionate, energetic, professional, and overall a great fit for our team.

Hiring through LaunchSource was not only a much more efficient way of finding great talent for our company, but was in fact orders of magnitude more efficient…Not only was the process more efficient and effective, but the experience was also more enjoyable than conducting the entire process on a 1-to-1 basis.”

It really changed how we recruited early in the Payfactors journey when we were working with limited resources to hire salespeople. When we used LaunchSource, we hired 5 folks who were amazing and one has now grown into leading the BDR team. The platform allowed us to hire people very fast, and with the quality of the candidates, we didn’t have much trouble coming to a consensus on who we wanted to make an offer to.

By utilizing LaunchSource, we significantly improved the efficiency of our interview process. We reduced the number of interviews needed to make one successful hire from 20 to 5

With LaunchSource, I had a larger pool than our internal recruiting team could find and I already knew that the candidates I was speaking with would be qualified for the job. This made my hiring process much more efficient and successful.

As a small startup that was building a BDR program for the first time, this was the first time in using LaunchSource and I was impressed in being able to listen to candidate audios that had been already vetted. 

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