Marketplace connects you with vetted candidates.

We source and vet graduates and career changers from diverse experiences, enabling member companies to quickly find the right, at times, unconventional talent, online and through additional services such as Interview Day.

Best Talents
Ed McDonald
Denver, Colorado
Grace Tyson
Math Teacher
Boston, MA
Isuri Rajapaksa
Recent Graduate
Denver, Colorado
Romiel Noumbissi
Research Analyst
Boston, MA
Steven Arenas
Soccer Coach
New York City, NY
Carly Anadio
Burlington, MA
What makes us different

Your insightful recruitment partner

With data from a million candidates and the widest network of hiring companies, we add insight that helps align your hiring teams so you can hire more efficiently.

Save time on sourcing to focus on closing

Finding talent is time-consuming and can become costly with recruiter fees or bad hires. We source and qualify candidates, making interviewing more efficient.

Hire the best fit with a dependable pipeline of talent

We vet candidates based on a process designed by sales leaders. Our candidates come from various background and experiences with transferrable skills.

Gain insight into how your company can win top talent

With research based on a million candidates and the widest network of tech companies, we help you and the hiring managers align to win the right talent for your team.

Proven results

Your source of qualified, early-career talent

Save time for you and the hiring managers with a consistent source of vetted and diverse candidates who’ve proven their interest in early-career sales.


Discover candidates

We’ve qualified over 2,000 amazing individuals, eager to launh their tech sales career.


Hire faster

We match individuals with your hiring goals so you can hire faster and reduce ramp up time.


Minimize turnover

Less than 10% of hires through LaunchSourcce turn over in the first year.


Build diverse teams

Over 60% of our candidates come from underrepresented mintority groups.

We’ve helped hundreds of global companies

Comments from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

A recruiter's biggest pain in sourcing SDRs is it requires a lot of time and tons of interviewing to find the best talent. LaunchSource makes it easy since all the candidates were already vetted. It saved me hours which in turn allowed me to focus on other areas of the business.

Samuel Sieracki
Sr Talent Acquisition Specialist

As a small company with Iimited resources, LaunchSource provides valuable expertise in market knowledge and effective sales interviewing. Their interview enablement solution enables you to quickly assess candidates who are well-suited to your organization, allowing you to make hires based on your current needs.

Hiten Hasmukhen

With LaunchSource's Interview Enablement Solution, you get to see 8-12 candidates in one afternoon. This is especially helpful when you're on such a compressed timeline. I cant imagine any employer wouldn't want to go through that experience. That is hugely valuable.

Chris Daniels
VP of North America, Sales

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