What was your background and motivated you to start or continue a career in sales from whatever else you were doing?

"Sales is applicable in all areas of life. It’s a great foundation for any career no matter what trajectory you decide to pursue."

What’s your best advice for interviewing for the SDR Role given the competitive landscape and the current demand for higher quality talent?

"Be proactive. Set yourself apart by taking the time to speak with current BDRs, cold calling the hiring manager, BDR manager or sales leadership to show you have what it takes to be successful in the role."

What LaunchSource Company I’m starting my career and what I’m most excited about in 2024?

"I started with Regal.io in March of 2023. LaunchSource connected me with a top tier Saas companies that I would have struggled to source on my own. They also prepared me super well as to what to expect in the interview process!"