• Educated Candidates Ramp Faster


    Videonor is a cloud-based video conferencing SaaS product that allows businesses to use video for communications and meetings without big up-front costs or expensive equipment.


    According to the latest Sales Development Metrics and Compensation Research Report from The Bridge Group, industry-standard ramp-up time for SDRs is 3.2 months. Videonor needed to prove its sales model was sustainable as they expanded to the US, and longer ramp times meant it would take longer to demonstrate ROI. Getting SDRs fully ramped as quickly as possible was essential to their success.


    As part of the LaunchSource applicant screening process, each applicant speaks with a Talent Consultant who explains the nature of the entry-level sales role. After ensuring full understanding of the role, the Talent Consultant then asks the candidate why they’re interested in starting their career in sales.


    By educating candidates about the SDR role, which is highly rewarding in terms of career growth but is also one of the toughest roles in a company, LaunchSource ensures that the candidates who make it through the screening and onto the platform are ready to hit the ground running.


    Every candidate receives access to foundational SDR-specific training and professional skill development with Ignite, LaunchSource’s proprietary eLearning platform. The flagship course, Getting Started as an SDR, was developed specifically to reduce time to productivity for entry-level SDRs.


    The course is not meant to replace any training offered by employers, but rather to precede it, so that the new hire becomes more productive from day one. The modules cover essential tools, prospecting, ideal customer personas, unique value propositions, email writing, and cold calling, including a mock call with a member of the LaunchSource team.


    Videonor partnered with LaunchSource to fill all of their SDR roles. For this case study, metrics for one SDR with no previous sales experience were tracked during the first several months of employment.


    The new hire showed up on day one with a clear understanding of the path for a BDR and how it aligned with his goals. He also understood the key differences between inbound and outbound sales and the value of qualifying prospects.


    He quickly started booking qualified meetings, completing discovery calls, and sourcing revenue. By focusing on activities that mattered as opposed to just hitting the phones without real purpose, he was able to hit full ramp in less than 2 months.

    “Within his first month, [our new hire] was writing blog posts about our industry, how we’re different from traditional solutions, and using the posts to show thought leadership and build his personal brand among prospects.”
    –Philip Wilkins, VP of Sales

    By the end of his first month, he had added over 1,000 prospects to the CRM and booked 12 meetings using a combination of email, InMail, social media, and cold calls. Those 12 meetings yielded a total of $15,600 in revenue. During his second month, he booked 17 meetings and sourced $51,600 in revenue.


    Videonor was able to see measurable increases in productivity and value added to their pipeline within two months of onboarding their new SDRs from LaunchSource. This reduced the amount of time that the new SDRs were in a lower-productivity, training-focused phase and allowed them to provide value to Videonor almost immediately.

    “LaunchSource has taken the guesswork out of whether a candidate will succeed, fail, be motivated, want to be in sales, etc. The 12 module training program really set the tone for them and allowed them to hit full ramp in less than 2 months, which in my experience is unheard of.”
    –Philip Wilkins

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