What Really Goes Down at LaunchSource’s Interview Day

Camille Shaw-Pigeon
July 31, 2015

As a general rule, interviews tend to be stressful. You’re normally dressed up, in a new place and with new people. Maybe you’re even new to the industry or you’re interviewing for your first full-time job- any way you cut it, it would almost be weird if you’re not a tiny bit anxious.

Here’s the deal with LaunchSource Interview Days, they’re a whole new take on your typical job interview and for many, it’s a breath of fresh air. Sure, they’re not easy, you’ve still got to show you want it, but you’re given more opportunities to demonstrate that you’re so much more than what’s written on your resume. Interview days let you work collaboratively with others, experience what making a sales call is actually like and let a hiring company know what makes you unique.

So, here’s the low down on what happens during an interview day:

You’ll show up to LaunchSource’s office in the afternoon. Everyone around you will be a little antsy but that subsides as Sasanka walks out, introduces himself and the LaunchSource team and gives an intro on what we do here. From there everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves and then you’ll dive right into the first part of the day- a collaborative exercise. This is where you can really tell this interview will be like none you’ve had before. The exercise is a great opportunity to speak your mind, debate what you think is right and demonstrate your ability to work in a team. It also helps everyone feel more at peace as they work with each other rather than compete.

Then the group splits in half and the next portions take place: experiencing a sales call and a short presentation. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve never made a sales call before. That’s where our team comes in. You’ll get the opportunity to not only hear a mock call, but also experience being coached on the call. This lets you show employers that you’re coachable and willing and able to learn new techniques. It’s key in a business development role that you’re open and willing to take feedback from supervisors to improve your own calls. In the long run, being coachable is what will help you advance your career.

While half the group is doing the calling portion, the other will prepare to give a quick presentation to someone from our team and potentially a hiring partner. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability to speak with people and show why you want to go into sales. In this one-on-one you’ll get to speak directly with your potential new boss, letting you tell them what makes you unique and an excellent fit for the role and their company. From there, you’ll head out to make your video profile where you’ll go over again some basic information and a quick introduction. These profiles are key as we send them out to a selection of partner companies- only making your chances of getting hired even greater. Sure, making a video could be a little uncomfortable, but it’s all for a good cause- getting you a job.

After you’ve presented and done a call the day comes to a close and you’ve made it. We finish up the day with a final Q & A portion where you can ask any remaining questions you may have about the companies we work with, the role you’ll have at them or anything else that may be on your mind.
So, over the course of about 4 hours, you’ll get to show so much more than just your resume off to a hiring partner. From a personal introduction, to collaborative group exercises and getting to experience a sales call, you’ll have more opportunities than a classic interview to really show your stuff. That’s why we think Interview Day is a fresh take on getting hired- we know you’re more than what your resume says, and we’re here to help you show that to exciting, dynamic companies where you’ll be able to launch your business career.