Thriving in Turbulent Times: 5 Hacks for SDR Rockstars During Layoffs

February 8, 2024

Hey, fellow Gen Z sales warriors! The sales game can get real when companies start shuffling their decks. But fear not, because we've got the ultimate playbook to keep you motivated and sane in the midst of all that layoff chaos. Here are five game-changing takeaways just for you:

1. Own Your Zone of Control: When things go crazy around you, remember to own what you can control. Your vibe, work hustle, and commitment are all in your hands. Stay on top of your daily tasks, crush those targets, and keep that positive energy flowing.

2. Level Up with Bite-Sized Goals: Forget the big, scary goals for a sec. Break things down into bite-sized victories. Celebrate those small wins, and watch how they add up to something major. It's not just about the destination, but the killer journey you're on.

3. Skill Up, Zoomer Style: Downtime? More like skill-boosting time! Dive into webinars, snag some online courses, and hit up mentors who know their stuff. Level up your sales game, and show them you're the Zoomer with skills that pay the bills.

4. Self-Care is the New Flex: Let's talk real talk—layoffs can mess with your head. Prioritize self-care like it's the latest TikTok trend. Get that sleep, break a sweat, and take those workday breathers. A balanced life is your secret weapon.

5. Squad Up with Your Network: Connect with your work buddies and industry pals. Share your wins, vent about the struggles, and build a squad that's got your back. Your network isn't just about work; it's your Gen Z support crew.

In a nutshell, being a Gen Z sales ninja during layoffs means embracing the chaos with style. Control what you can, set goals you can crush, skill up like a boss, take care of your headspace, and always remember: your network is your power move. Let's rock this sales game together!