They’re Lucky to Have You – Interview with Confidence

Camille Shaw-Pigeon
June 12, 2015

When I go on an interview, I always walk into the room knowing that this company would be lucky to have me work for them,” said an alum of my college to me recently. This advice initially didn’t seem like it would be the most helpful to me. We had been talking about how stressful and nerve-wracking interviews can be, and how easy it is to get caught up and side-tracked, and I didn’t think that her telling me about how awesome she thinks she is was the best guidance. But, as I’ve interviewed more and more for various jobs and internships, I’ve come to realize just how solid her advice was. She wasn’t suggesting to brag to everyone, or display any sense of entitlement whatsoever, but rather to be confident in yourself and know your value to a prospective employer. Hype yourself up, know your worth, and be confident.

So, my “one thing” that I want to tell recent graduates, and really anyone looking for a job is to always walk in to an interview confidently knowing that you’ve got the skills, that you’re willing to learn, and that you’ve got plenty to contribute to their company. Basically, just know that the company that hires you is lucky to have you, just as you would be fortunate to have them.

It’s pretty easy to get weighed down when reading through job descriptions- maybe you don’t have a ton of experience, or you’ve never worked in a certain industry; but don’t forget that you do have other skills that might not have made it onto your resume that are what really set you apart. When you’re walking into an interview, always focus on those skills, abilities and experiences that give you an edge. Keep in mind what makes you the perfect match. Be confident that you are indeed capable of doing the job, doing it well and bringing a new perspective to the table, which is why you’d be an asset to that company. Being nervous may be an inherent part of the hunt for a job, but never forget your own self-worth and your unique and defining skills that set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

So, the next time you’re about to interview, and you’re stressed-out - don’t forget that you’re capable of more than you know, and that the company you’re speaking with would be more than lucky to have you.