The Value of LaunchSource Interview Days

Courteney Olenzak
June 21, 2018

One of the best pieces of the LaunchSource process (at least in my opinion) is Interview Day. These are special events hosted by LaunchSource in which we invite one of our partner companies into our office to individually interview select candidates face to face in a unified time and place. Think speed dating, but for job interviews. does this benefit me as a candidate?

As a LaunchSource candidate, you will have access to dozens of amazing, high-growth technology companies. You are LaunchSource accepted and certified and our partner companies understand that you are pre-qualified by our team to do the BDR/SDR job. Companies realize this and are able to expedite your interview process as a result.

Okay, great… but why is Interview Day important?

What’s so great about Interview Day is the face to face interaction with the hiring managers and VPs of sales with these individual companies. You get to skip past all the dozens of resumes they receive, pass over an initial phone interview, and go straight to the in-person stage. This allows you to showcase your personality, skills and strengths, face to face in the room with the people that matter most, the hiring managers.

At Interview Day, you will meet with the LaunchSource team, receive personalized coaching, learn more about the LaunchSource process, begin your training on LaunchSource’s very own e-learning platform and, perhaps most importantly, get in front of at least one of the coolest startups in the area. We make sure to help you show off your strengths to the best of your availability through both group activities as well as through an individual presentation.

Additionally, there’s no waiting around for an answer as to whether or not the company will advance you. A LaunchSource representative will send you an email within 24 hours (usually within 12!) letting you know what the next steps in the process will be. Typically, it’s an onsite visit to the company’s office to make sure it’s a mutual fit before they (hopefully) extend you an offer.

As we prepare for our big Summer Combine Interview Day (think Interview Day with 3x as many companies and candidates), we can’t help but get excited about the opportunities to come. Interested in joining us? Send in your application here and schedule a phone interview to get the process started!