Gain an Edge in Your Job Search. Apply in December!

Chris Algiere
November 30, 2015

December is a busy month of year for almost everyone. People are traveling, celebrating holidays, even taking vacations, but that doesn’t mean your job search should take a vacation. For recent grads or people looking for an entry-level business job, this time of year could be the most advantageous time to apply for certain jobs. Below are a couple reasons why.

Companies have leftover budget

This time of year many companies have additional budget they had previously allocated to hiring. For them, it’s a great time to get set up for next year, as January is typically very busy for companies trying to accelerate their new sales plans and hit their numbers in the first month. Getting your foot in the door in December could give you the edge over someone applying after the holidays.

Everyone else is taking this time of year off

This one is common sense. Many recent grads just want to enjoy the holidays with their family and friends from home. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either! But taking an hour a day to apply to a job will get you ahead of the competition. Even if you don’t get hired immediately you may get an opportunity to interview or just get an overall feel for what the job market is like.

Once January hits, hiring managers often find their inboxes flooded with inquiries about jobs. Sorting through all of these can be a major pain for them, and you may not hear back for a long time as there will be major backlogs.

It’s the perfect time to develop your skills

Even if it’s just interviewing, it usually takes a couple of times before you’re really confident and know what to expect. If you can land an interview or two in December, you’ll get a chance to hone your interviewing chops and make sure you nail the next one for that company you’ve been eyeing.

If you can land a job it’s an even better opportunity. For almost all entry-level sales positions there is a ramp-up time. As December is often a slow business month, you’ll get the opportunity to observe seasoned co-workers and learn more about the business. That time will set you up for success in January and you can impress your boss by crushing your number early on!

Just get it out of the way!

As you probably know finding the right job can be stressful and frustrating. Do yourself a favor and get it out of the way so it’s not in the back of your mind during the rest of this fun time of year. You’re bound to get questions from aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nosey neighbors, and annoying friends about where you’re looking to work. Get the process started so you can at least say you’ve got a couple of hot prospects in the works!

Of course there is an easier way….

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