Emerging Leaders of LaunchSource with Jamie Marraffa: Working Moms in Sales.

Sasanka Atapattu
November 10, 2022

Research continues to show that women outperform men in sales and the movement of evangelizing sales for women has become widespread in industries like tech. 
But the question becomes does the story change for women if they are a mom? If they have a newborn at home? This is imperative because, in the coming years, we anticipate more mothers entering the workforce with children.

To recap, our Emerging Leaders of LaunchSource for Working Moms, LaunchSource Founder and CEO, Sasanka Atapattu, was in conversation with LaunchSource Alum and Ambassador, Jamie Marraffa.

You can watch the conversation here

3 major takeaways from this conversation for managers hiring and/or managing moms to consider are: 

Think about how moms manage their day-to-day. 

This would be no different than asking any other candidate, but you will find that moms are incredible multi-taskers and command great time-management skills.

Dive into or hone in on a mom's creativity. 

Moms have to reinvent themselves to continue to stay engaged with their kids. Unlike a prospect, there's a lot more pressure to get your kid to eat and sleep and they figure it out. So think about this in sales when they need to get in touch with a prospect or handle a difficult situation, consider how in a sales context they can be creative in devising new strategies and ideas that ultimately get them their desired end results.

Understand their why.

Jamie talked about the next steps in her career and emphasized that she wants to be a mom whose kids are proud and say wow, she was a mom and she excelled in her role. There’s a lot more than money and promotions that are driving moms’ motivations to be successful. Her drive is unfathomable and something that will help your team achieve success. 

For SDR candidates: 

Jamie talked about being able to understand the responsibility of the sales role regardless of whether or not this is an in-person, hybrid, or remote sales role. An SDR role requires you to be process driven and requires your complete attention from 9 AM - 5 PM. It’ll be critical to be focused throughout the day and be able to answer emails and develop a rhythm to respond and collaborate with your team. This is no different from many other roles where there is an opportunity to rapidly progress.

Moms are a great addition to a sales team if you aren’t including them already. In a world where sales teams are evolving and including all different types of people, we’ll continue to see shifts in the makeup of individuals from different backgrounds. It’ll be important for us to keep in mind that even if you don’t have a mom on your sales team today, you should have a mom on your team in the future, and you will be armed and ready to go.