Angela Benton: Tech Trailblazer and Data Queen

February 14, 2024

Meet Angela Benton, the visionary behind the first global startup accelerator for minorities, NewME, and the CEO transforming the tech world with Streamlytics. Angela isn't merely breaking glass ceilings; she's revolutionizing how we interact with and own our data.

Why She's a Top Business Leader:

Angela stands out as a CEO by leveraging first-party media data with Streamlytics to illuminate our streaming habits, ensuring users retain ownership of their data. Her leadership is not just about innovation; it's about empowering individuals in a data-driven society.

A Superhero Moment:

Angela's defining achievement came with leading Streamlytics. By using data to reveal popular content on streaming platforms and advocating for user control, she's not only advancing technology but also championing user empowerment.

Entrepreneurial Journey:

Angela's entrepreneurial path is extraordinary. Starting with NewME, she opened doors for minority entrepreneurs worldwide. Following that, she founded Streamlytics, a venture that's more than a company—it's a crusade to redefine data ownership. Her efforts have earned her widespread recognition and numerous accolades.

Impact and Recognition:

Angela's influence extends beyond entrepreneurship. Recognized by prestigious organizations and media—including Goldman Sachs, Fast Company, and Business Insider—she's also been featured as one of Marie Claire's 50 Women Who Rule. Her insights have resonated across CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, Inc., Forbes, Good Morning America, and The Wall Street Journal, where she even shared insights alongside Mark Zuckerberg.

Leading Streamlytics:

At Streamlytics, Angela is pioneering new frontiers in tech and innovation, focusing on user-centric data control. Her work goes beyond the mechanics of streaming; it's about setting new standards for digital ownership and privacy.

Angela Benton is more than a CEO; she's a vibe, a force making waves and showing us that being in charge is the new cool.