10 Need-to-Know Tips for Interviewing with Confidence

Courteney Olenzak
August 9, 2018

I think it's pretty fair to say that it's next to (if not completely) impossible to land a job without  interviewing for it first. Interviewing can be overwhelming or intimidating, but it's important to stay as calm and as confident as possible throughout the process. Our experts here at LaunchSource understand pre-interview anxiety and have seen some pretty awesome (and some pretty not awesome) interviews. So we've put our heads together to come up with the 10 Need-to- Know tips for easing your nerves and crushing your interview.

1. Be proactive and convenient when setting up your interview by providing specific times and dates you can talk. You’ll be more likely to get the interview if you don’t make the recruiter chase you down.  

2. Always be formal and professional, even if you’re really cool. When you get hired things might be more casual, but people want to see that you can act polished and professional. This includes dressing appropriately. Wear a suit jacket or a blazer and avoid jeans and sneakers. Additionally, remember that “Early is On Time, On Time is Late and Late is Not Okay.”

3. Bring resumes for every person you’ll be interviewing with (and maybe 1-2 extras). Have them printed on nice paper and check them for grammar and spelling multiple times! Presentation goes a long way.

4. Ask for business cards so you can follow up. A simple thank you email can be the difference between getting the job and losing out!

5. Get in a healthy mindset the night before your interview. Chill - don’t go out and party, and do something to boost your mood and confidence like hitting the gym in the morning.

6. Ask researched questions. Read case studies, blog posts and/or news articles on the company website and reference them when asking questions. You’ll look more prepared and interested in the job!

7. Navigate the Interview - If you’re meeting with multiple people, always ask what the next person might like to hear about. It will help you make smooth conversation and highlight your strengths with each person.

8. Know the role you’re interviewing for. It’s okay to have some questions about what the role requires but you should at least have a strong understanding of the basics. Google the role and read about it for at least an hour. You might come up with some good questions to ask in your interview! That being said, know your audience. Fresh out of school, we understand that you may be looking at multiple different jobs, but don’t spend your sales interview talking all about your interest in marketing.

9. Clean up your LinkedIn - You should be wearing something professional in your profile picture. It shouldn’t just be your hottest pic. Try to have a clean background and good lighting. All you need is a friend and a camera phone. Check out this video for some tips on taking the perfect profile picture.

10. Breathe! We know interviewing can be a bit scary, but you’ve got this. Do your homework, be present in the interview, and be yourself! You’ll be great.

Ready to give it a shot? Send in your resume here and our team will be in touch to schedule your first phone interview!