• Revolutionizing the Way HR and Talent Teams Hire for Sales

    How PayFactors’ HR team hit their hiring goals fast and delighted their sales team with high-performing reps

    Jo Rego is the Director of Legal and HR Operations at PayFactors, a high growth company that builds compensation software solutions that put comp pros completely in control of their data, saving them considerable time and effort.

    Filling an Empty Candidate Pipeline

    After joining PayFactors, Jo was faced with a problem – the good kind – the company was performing well and needed to hire more salespeople. However, hiring entry-level sales people soon became more of a burden than anyone predicted. Jo was kind enough to share her experience with us, so I’ll let her do most of the talking here.


    “We knew we needed a couple salespeople, but it was tough to find good candidates. Additionally both Sales and HR wanted to own the process, but neither had the bandwidth to take over the process completely. I finally said, I’ll own it.”


    Previously PayFactors had sourced candidates from internal referrals, but like what happens at most organizations, those channels had dried up. So Jo turned to job boards, and then… external recruiters. Unfortunately she ran into some problems that may sound familiar to many HR and Talent Acquisition professionals.


    “The problem with job boards is you still have to do all the leg work, reviewing resumes and setting up calls, and recruiters tend to just throw people over the wall, which doesn’t shorten the process at all.”


    Unlike recruiters, LaunchSource doesn’t wait for a job order to start finding great salespeople. By searching around the clock, LaunchSource identifies top talent so that it is ready when you’re ready to hire. By starting the search process before there is a need, LaunchSource is able to spend more time vetting the candidate, ensuring they have the tools to be successful, eliminating the search process for Talent Managers, and allowing them to focus more on team fit.

    Shortening the Hiring Cycle

    Before using LaunchSource, the process that PayFactors was using involved sourcing candidates on job boards, reviewing resumes, phone screens, and then bringing the candidates in for an interview. Ultimately many of the candidates were just not the right fit and the process ended up wasting a lot of time.


    Since Jo started using the LaunchSource Scouting Report with candidate video profiles, Payfactors has been able to hire better talent faster. The Scouting Report is LaunchSource’s way of delivering the top 5% of candidates to employers every week. Each candidate on the Scouting Report has undergone extensive vetting for coachability, adaptability, aptitude, work ethic, and intellectual curiosity.


    Just a few steps in the LaunchSource Process are a resume check, a phone screen, an in-person presentation, and an interview with LaunchSource before being selected as a LaunchSource Candidate. Out of nearly 200 applicants a week, LaunchSource approves only the top performing 5-10 candidates. As a busy HR professional with a lot on her plate, Jo appreciated the ease of the platform.


    “I love the platform. It’s nice to see the video and to get a sense of the person. It’s important for the position to make sure someone isn’t going to be using a bunch of ‘ums’ and ‘likes’, and the short videos give you a better idea of that than a resume.”

    Faster Results from New Employees

    Before using LaunchSource, when PayFactors did hire a good candidate, they often found that the ramp-up time was longer than they expected. Because the new hires were entry-level, they weren’t familiar with the day-to-day activities of the Inside Sales Representative role.


    Not only did they have to learn a new product, company procedures, and internal processes, but they also had to learn fundamental skills such as prospecting, identifying an ICP, following up effectively to leads with email and calendar invitations, and how to efficiently leverage platforms like LinkedIn.


    The Sales Reps that PayFactors hired from LaunchSource had already undergone Accelerated Ramp Up Training. This training is given to every LaunchSource Candidate before they start with their new company, and covers the fundamentals of prospecting, using sales tools, identifying an ICP, emailing, and even cold-calling. Having not only learned but practiced these skills, LaunchSource Candidates come into the job with greater knowledge of the role and what is expected of them. Then they can focus more on learning a new product and any company-specific procedures and tactics.

    The Results

    Jo and the Sales leaders are now able to work together to find the right people in a more streamlined fashion. Jo now takes the initial phone screen after picking a few candidates off the Scouting Report. If it seems like a good culture fit, the candidate is brought in for a couple of hours to meet with key managers and shadow a sales rep for 30 minutes. The process has allowed PayFactors to boost their sales pipeline by adding new reps seamlessly and quickly.


    “It really changed how we recruit and how we think about the ISR position. Since we started using LaunchSource, we hired 3 folks who have been amazing. They really came in and hit the ground running and are our highest performers right at the top of the leaderboard. We can find people very fast, and with the quality of the candidates, we don’t have much trouble coming to a consensus on who we would like to make an offer to.”


    In fact, the philosophy around the ISR role has also changed at PayFactors. At first, the ISR role was not necessarily viewed as a farm team for other roles in the organization, but Jo and the team are starting to think otherwise.


    “These aren’t just good sales people, these are really good employees. Now that we’re seeing this change, we’re rethinking the way we source talent for other roles in the long run. We’d rather our great employees stay and potentially fill other roles in our company as we grow.”


    Overall, working with LaunchSource not only helped PayFactors hire great candidates, but was helpful in aligning the Sales and HR teams toward a common goal.


    “I’m getting praised up and down for finding LaunchSource, my sales managers are always saying ‘you finding LaunchSource is the best thing ever’.”

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