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    PayFactors is a high growth company that builds compensation software solutions that allow compensation professionals to be completely in control of their data, saving them time and effort.


    PayFactors was growing fast and needed to hire more salespeople to keep up with the demand. Hiring entry-level salespeople quickly was a significant challenge. Internal referrals were not coming in reliably enough to fill seats, and while job boards provided quantity they required a great deal of time and effort to sort through the applicants to find quality candidates.


    Using LaunchSource’s hiring platform, PayFactors was able to hire better talent faster. Candidate profiles showcase the top 5% of applicants every week, which LaunchSource selects out of about 200 applicants every week.


    Each candidate goes through the LaunchSource pre-vetting process before their profile is published on the platform. LaunchSource educates them about the BDR role and screens for desire to be in sales, coachability, adaptability, aptitude, and work ethic. Each candidate also records an audio pitch explaining why they’ll be successful in sales.


    Using the platform proved to be an easy way to cut down on steps in the process and quickly decide which candidates to phone screen and bring into the office for in-person interviews.


    HR and Sales were now able to work together to find the right people faster. An HR Director picks a few candidates off the platform and conducts initial phone screens. If a candidate seems like a good culture fit, he or she is brought in for a couple of hours to meet with key managers and shadow a sales rep for 30 minutes. The process has allowed PayFactors to boost their sales pipeline by adding new reps seamlessly and quickly.

    “It really changed how we recruited early in the PayFactors journey when we were working with limited resources to hire salespeople. When we used LaunchSource, we hired 5 folks who were amazing and one has now grown into leading the BDR team. The platform allowed us to hire people very fast, and with the quality of the candidates, we didn’t have much trouble coming to a consensus on who we wanted to make an offer to.”
    -Jo Rego, Director of Legal and HR Operations


    Overall, working with LaunchSource helped PayFactors hire great candidates efficiently and made it easier for HR and Sales to work together to do so.

    “I got praised up and down for finding LaunchSource to build the team, my sales managers called it ‘the best thing ever’.”
    -Jo Rego

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