• An Efficient and Effective Hiring Process

    Read about how InsightSquared met huge hiring needs to fuel company-wide growth

    “Hiring through LaunchSource was not only a much more efficient way of finding great talent for our company, but was in fact orders of magnitude more efficient…Not only was the process more efficient and effective, but the experience was also more enjoyable that conducting the entire process on a 1-to-1 basis.”


    -Vice President of Sales at InsightSquared


    Sales performance analytics company lnsightSquared has a voracious appetite for strong sales talent. With sustained triple-digit growth and technology that is disrupting the traditional business analytics marketplace, lnsightSquared doubled-down on entry-level sales hiring in order to continue to invest in this incredible growth opportunity.


    LaunchSource proved to be an excellent solution for finding top entry-Level sales talent. The lnsightSquared sales leadership team was able to hire 8 new Business Development Representatives (roughly the top 1% from among the 749 applicants that the LaunchSource team screened with lnsightSquared) in a fraction of the time than it would have taken to run the interview process internally.


    lnsightSquared has been experiencing triple digit growth year over year, and is by all accounts, one of the most exciting, buzz-worthy, high-growth technology companies in the market today. When the VP of Sales first joined the company In September, 2014, there were about 25 people in the lnsightSquared sales organization. Nearly twelve months Later, his group is roughly 70 employees, and he is still challenged to find enough of the right kind of entry-Level sales talent. This, despite lnsightSquared being ranked the #1 mid-size company to work for by the Boston Business Journal for 2015.


    While using traditional recruitment resources such as job boards, internal referrals, and even external recruiters, he and his team realized they weren’t getting enough qualified candidates to interview. In the event that a qualified candidate was identified, lnsightSquared’s interview process was comprised of multiple steps, often requiring the time of key members of the sales management team.


    In a high-growth company like lnsightSquared, there is a high value on sales management’s time that is better spend driving revenue than interviewing candidates. Time spent interviewing unqualified candidates, or those that ultimately accepted a job elsewhere was wasted time altogether.


    “What I then realized,” he said, “was that we were behind on both our BDR hiring and our AE hiring. I thought that it was more of a priority to get the BDRs in the door as quickly as possible because the last thing you want is a scenario where you have AEs twiddling their thumbs. When we realized we wanted to really accelerate our BDR hiring very quickly, we looked to LaunchSource to give us a ‘shot of steroids’ in the arm, if you will, to achieve those hiring goals.”

    The Process

    Interview Days are typically held at LaunchSource’s facility every Tuesday afternoon, and allow candidates to showcase the attributes that would make them successful in a career in sales.


    The VP of Sales brought 2 members of his sales management team to 2 separate LaunchSource Interview days in March and May. Additionally, they viewed LaunchSource’s weekly Scouting Report, which is an email containing Links to short introductory videos of top-performing candidates and their respective resumes.

    What is Interview Day?

    Interview Day is the last segment of LaunchSource’s funnel before candidates get selected for our Scouting Report. It is also a good opportunity to meet multiple candidates in person to get an idea of who you may like to hire. We often invite a client who has an immediate need to visit the office for an Interview Day, meet the entire LaunchSource team, and view our process for selection.

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