• Rapidly Hiring and Retaining Sales Development Talent

    How Fuze made a large number of efficient, intelligent hires that allowed them to scale their sales organization

    Case Summary

    • Fuze hired 23 BDRs from LaunchSource in 6 months.
    • LaunchSource hires had a 96% retention rate during that period.
    • Prospecting went from generating nothing to creating 40% of the new business sales.
    “Each of our company growth metrics have more than doubled in the past year and with that comes aggressive hiring goals. Finding entry-level sales talent became a time-consuming process that LaunchSource was able to drastically condense. The model is exactly what we were looking for and the new hires we brought on earlier this year are already taking on more responsibility.”

    -Jeff Smith, Vice President World Wide Inside Sales & Business Development

    Our Screening Process

    Our Scouting Report is a weekly report that includes video introductions to the top 3% of all of our candidates.

    Rapidly Scaling a World-Class SaaS Sales Team

    How Fuze made a large volume of efficient, intelligent hires as they expanded and scaled their sales organization


    Hiring entry-level positions for an expanding enterprise can be daunting even for a seasoned internal recruiter or sales manager. It’s hard to gauge entry-level candidates simply by a resume, as they often seem identical to one another. Sales managers are faced with hitting their own sales numbers, helping their team reach their aggressive sales goals, and are often challenged with hiring and training a large group of entry-level hires.


    Hiring entry-level talent means sorting through hundreds of seemingly identical resumes. We’ve found that what hiring managers are really looking for are the intangibles that you cannot fi­nd on a resume, as well as a good cultural ­fit. This is where Fuze VP of World Wide Inside Sales & Business Development, Jeff‑ Smith, found himself when his team needed to expand to meet their aggressive sales numbers. To hit his hiring goals, he had a few options:



    This option requires posting to job boards, sorting through hundreds of resumes, handling multiple phone screens, and taking in-person interviews that most of the time do not end up in a hire. It also involves time, stress, and the opportunity cost of management time spent interviewing.



    This option often means not having the complete attention and e­ffort of a recruiter who’s often going after higher salaried requisitions. Recruiters present candidates one at a time, and sales managers still need to conduct phone screens and in-person interviews before eventually not hiring a candidate. Those recruiters who do recruit for entry-level talent usually poach talent from another company, thereby introducing candidates that may have already “burned-out” of the BDR role, have unrealistic promotional expectations, or have developed bad habits.



    By using LaunchSource, managers are relying on a company that specializes in sourcing, identifying, and onboarding great Business Development Representatives (BDRs/SDRs). LaunchSource leverages a pool of candidates from an ever-growing multi-channel referral network, and screens over 200 new candidates a week. Hiring managers get insight into the top 3% of candidates’ personalities right at their fingertips anytime, anywhere, through our proprietary technology.


    By attending an Interview Day, managers access to up to 18 pre-qualified candidates in person, at once. LaunchSource conducts exercises to evaluate candidates’ skills, weaknesses, and attributes predictive of their likelihood to be successful in the BDR/SDR role.


    In the end, managers gain access to higher quality candidates, faster onboarding, and much higher retention rates than industry averages.

    Solution and Results

    Fuze decided to go with the third option and partner with LaunchSource. After attending their first Interview Day, Fuze was able to hire 3 BDRs in just 7 days. After seeing how easy it was working with LaunchSource, and the quality of candidates they provided, Fuze expanded their use of LaunchSource. Over 6 months, Fuze hired 23 candidates through LaunchSource. All but one of those hired were still with the company through December 2015. – A far longer retention rate than the average entry-level sales hire.

    What is Interview Day?

    Interview Day is the last segment of LaunchSource’s funnel before candidates get selected for our Scouting Report. It is also a good opportunity to meet multiple candidates in person to get an idea of who you may like to hire. We often invite a client who has an immediate need to visit the office for an Interview Day, meet the entire LaunchSource team, and view our process for selection.

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