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Highly Vetted Candidates

LaunchSource reviews hundreds of candidates a week, identifying the traits of coachability, adaptability, aptitude, work ethic, and intellectual curiosity that make up the foundation of a successful salesperson.

Specializing in Sales

The LaunchSource team are experts at finding the top sales talent, and we focus specifically on the Sales Development Representative role. That’s why we only accept the top 5% of our applicants as LaunchSource Candidates.

Consistent Quality at your Fingertips

Our Scouting Report always reflects the best and most available SDRs on the market and video profiles bring you closer to the candidates to help you get a better feel for cultural fit, attitude, enthusiasm, and personality.


Hire 94% faster and see only qualified candidates.


Ramp up 40% faster with pre-onboarding sales training.

Get a Head Start

Up to Speed on Day 1

All LaunchSource Candidates take our Ignite Sales 2.0 training before they start with your company. They learn the fundamentals of the job so you can focus on company specific training.

Know where to coach

With the results of their training in hand, managers can coach where it’s needed, and allocate their time more wisely.

For Professionals, By Professionals

Our training was developed with input from over 150 Sales VPs and Managers, and over 200 Sales Development Representatives with the goal of helping new sales reps get off to a hot start.


Insight Squared

How Insightsquared worked with LaunchSource to accelerate entry-level sales hiring.

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Launchsource’s mission has always been about developing people. With new tools, courses, and career tracks, we are your go to source for fostering employee development, promotional tracks, and overall happiness.

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