Saving Time to Recruit for Other Roles

February 2, 2024
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The Company

SinglePlatform was a Restaurant Tech platform based in New York City that simplified the process for restaurants to stand out by showcasing their most important information, such as menus, products, and services, across various online locations where local consumers search. This made it quick and easy for restaurants to be discovered by new customers.

Business Challenge

The company experienced a turnover rate of over 40% within the first six months, attributed to both involuntary and voluntary attrition. This high turnover rate, coupled with promotions, placed significant pressure on the recruiting team to consistently fill 8-12 positions each month. Additionally, the recruiting team operated with a limited budget for tools, and previous tools and marketplace products designed for SDR recruiting had not been successful.


6 Hires

SDRs Hired
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Women or URM
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5X more retention rate

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Less than 4 weeks

Time to hire
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“A recruiter’s biggest pain in sourcing SDRs is it requires a lot of time and tons of interviewing to find the best talent. LaunchSource makes it easy since all the candidates were already vetted. It saved me hours which in turn allowed me to focus on other areas of the business”

Sam Sieracki - Senior Sales Recruiter

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