Getting Offers Faster than Internal Systems

November 9, 2022
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The Company

Clyde is a platform that connects small retailers to insurance companies to launch and manage product protection programs. Given the shift to online shopping, customers want to protect their purchases more than ever. The product protection market is $50B

Business Challenge

P1: Clyde had closed a $14MM Series A. Alex stepped in as the new sales leader with the task of rapidly building an SDR and AE team with an immediate need to fill 3 seats. They started in December using LinkedIn, hiring an internal recruiter and using a specialized external recruiter that charged $15,000 per hire. P2: Even with an internal and external recruiter working on these roles, Clyde went 4 months without filling their hiring needs. They knew they would have to evaluate solutions to not only meet this hiring goal but pipeline and growth goals with the SDR path to an AE now delayed and affecting the organization. The executive team asked sales leadership to post on LinkedIn. However, with over 3,565 postings for the role, they realized access to more qualified candidates top of funnel was vital.


4 hires in 1st 30 days

SDRs Hired
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50% women or URM

Women or URM
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60% savings vs recruiter

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21 days time to hire

Time to hire
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“This was the first time in using LaunchSource and I was impressed in being able to listen to candidate audios that had been already vetted”

Alex MacKenzie, Director of Revenue Operations

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