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Our Process Explained

How LaunchSource Works for Candidates

So you’re ready to Launch your career in Business? You’re in the right place. LaunchSource has already helped over 250 entry-level candidates launch their careers at really cool startups. First things first, research the Sales Development representative, or SDR, role. Then when you’re ready, apply! Below is what you can expect with our proccess, which is aimed to help you get ready for the role and land a great job at a high growth startup.

Step 1: Apply

Submit your resume to us, we’ll review it and get back to you within the week to set up a phone screen. In the meantime, we’ll ask you to do your homework and understand the SDR role as best as possible. Don’t worry, we’ll send you some resources, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a google search yourself!

Step 2: Phone Screen

We want to talk to you to make sure you understand the role, gain insight into your college activities or past work experience, and learn why you want to start a career in sales. You can ask us questions too!

Step 3:  Digital Audio Recording (and in-person Interview Days)

In order for you to show that you’re more than just a resume, we ask you to complete a 60 second audio introduction. This is basically an elevator pitch for yourself, and we send it out to all of our client companies along with your resume and it’s a great way to distinguish yourself from the sea of resumes that employers receive!

Sometimes we have special events called Interview Days, where we have a client looking to hire a team of individuals. If that’s the case, we may invite you to come interview in person with a specific company before we send your profile out to the rest of our client companies.

Step 4: Introduction to Companies

Your Digital Profile gets sent out on our Weekly Scouting Report to all of our client companies that are hiring. If they want to meet you, we make the introduction and you begin interviewing with them.


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If that sounds good to you, it’s time for you to apply.

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