What was your Background and motivated you to start or continue a career in sales from whatever else you were doing?

"The decision to continue my career in tech sales was driven by the ability to grow & elevate unlike any other industry. The fluidity that exists in tech sales allows for easier mobility for us people in their early careers. The outputs are directly tied to your inputs. I.e., do the thing, get the thing. The skills and tools I’ve developed in sales roles are a big contributor to the decision to continue."

What’s your best advice for interviewing for the SDR Role given the competitive landscape and the current demand for higher quality talent?

  • Be yourself; do not create an unattainable version of yourself for any position.
  • Best advice: be strong & confident in your strengths, but also strong in what you do not know- i.e., areas where you can improve, show that you’re coachable, and have a growth mindset
  • Best Advice pt 2: Be prepared to talk about your previous experience in quantifiable terms, i.e., Demos booked, Quota attainment, calls made etc. It is even better if you can combine it with STAR Framework to answer questions. S - Situation, T - Task, A - Action, R - Results
  • Do your research on the company, culture and product; identify if there's a strong product market fit, their ideal customers, and competitors
  • Extra, but very helpful: Create a 30/60/90 day plan (imagine you already have the position; how do you handle the first 90 days)
  • Seek guidance from recruiters, if any. They’re on your side!

What LaunchSource Company I’m starting my career and what i’m most excited about in 2023?

“I started at Teqtivity, a tech startup based in LA, and I’m most excited about learning and working in a new industry with a new product. I am excited to be utilizing my skillsets outside of SDR to grow Teqtivity and see where both the product and company will be in the next year!"