What was your Background and motivated you to start or continue a career in sales from whatever else you were doing?

"After working in healthcare for several years, I recognized the importance of both earning potential and innovation within my career. Much like my experiences in a hospital setting, sales offers the opportunity to interact with individuals, understand their needs, and offer solutions. Given my existing skill set and career aspirations, transitioning to technical sales seemed like an obvious choice."

What’s your best advice for interviewing for the SDR Role given the competitive landscape and the current demand for higher quality talent?

"Best advice for interviewing for the SDR role: Let your unique personality shine during the interview. Everyone possesses unique strengths that can significantly contribute to the team's success. Be bold and authentic. Moreover, preparation is crucial. Understand your audience and communicate in a way that resonates with them."

What LaunchSource Company I’m starting my career and what I’m most excited about in 2024?

"LaunchSource company where I began my career and what excites me most for 2024: My sales journey commenced at Bluecore. Leveraging my experience from this unicorn startup, I transitioned to supporting early-stage startups within AWS's Startup Team. Collaborating with some of the world's most innovative founders, I eagerly anticipate our joint achievements."