What was your Background and motivated you to start or continue a career in sales from whatever else you were doing?

“I had no prior sales experience before joining LaunchSource but I didn’t let that hold me back. I saw the opportunity (at Quickbase) as a meaningful challenge that could lead to a rewarding career…knowing I had the grit and determination to make it happen!”

What’s your best advice for interviewing for the SDR Role given the competitive landscape and the current demand for higher quality talent?

“Be yourself. Bring your personality to light to showcase that you can create meaningful relationships with companies you will be reaching out to. It's all about confidence in your capabilities.”

What LaunchSource Company I’m starting my career and what i’m most excited about in 2023?

“I started my sales career at Quickbase fairly recently, so in 2023 I am first and foremost looking forward to building relationships with my fellow Quickbase employees, but I am more excited about continuing to learn how to enhance and master my skills as an SDR!”