What was your Background and motivated you to start or continue a career in sales from whatever else you were doing?

"When I graduated from college, I wasn't entirely sure about my career path. As a former college athlete, the allure of sales captivated me and the opportunity to continue engaging in something challenging, competitive, rewarding, and fun. Sales appeared to be the ideal avenue to showcase many of the attributes I possess."

What’s your best advice for interviewing for the SDR Role given the competitive landscape and the current demand for higher quality talent?

“Show your personality! While sales is a very gritty career and takes a lot of hard work and determination, it is also very people-oriented and collaborative. Show that you are a team player and will be someone that everyone wants to work with!”

What LaunchSource Company I’m starting my career and what i’m most excited about in 2024?

“I started my sales career at Regal in April of 2023. At the time I was so excited to meet the team because I got the sense that they had an incredible culture throughout my interview process (I was right!). It has been a blast meeting everyone and adding to this culture. For 2024, I am most excited to continue learning and strengthening my skill set to get promoted!”