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LaunchSource, Year Five

By Sasanka Atapattu

The Big Picture

As we enter year five at LaunchSource, we’re preparing for our most innovative year yet. This post marks the first in a series of three blog posts about what’s in store for us moving forward and the new additions to the team who are going to make it happen.

As we move toward a membership based model while preserving the services our client companies find so valuable, we are mapping out the LaunchSource Platform as a suite of what we call product experiences. Product experiences encompass online and offline components in varying degrees to create a holistic human experience of engagement with LaunchSource. It’s UI/UX meets face-to-face events meets everything in between, and we’ll be sharing more about this soon.

Our core offerings will continue to be our hiring platform, Interview Day, and our training resources. All three will be evolving as we redefine the way tech approaches hiring, training, and development to put people at the forefront of solutions.

From a philosophy and values standpoint, we are carefully considering our new vision of sales in an age of automation, bringing human-centered design principles to tech and advocating for a human-first approach to sales. But it’s not just a theory- we’ve seen validation from the clients and candidates we’ve worked with over the past four years. They’re asking for more face-to-face experiences to bolster the technology behind our solutions.

Announcing the Candidate Report

On February 1, our hiring platform (known to many as the Scouting Report) is getting a facelift as it evolves into the Candidate Report. The new Candidate Report has a brand new, modern look and feel. It’s easier to use and will allow our client companies to differentiate between newly added, recently viewed, and recommended candidates as they browse.

The recommendation feature, as opposed to relying solely on AI or predictive algorithms, is actually powered by a knowledgeable Account Manager who has worked in SaaS companies and understands the challenges for the modern sales manager. Enhanced usability on our Admin side will allow the LaunchSource team to manage accounts more easily and strengthen relationships with our clients.

We are building this platform both for and with our users: candidates and clients. This release is our first major update for our client-side users. If that’s you, we look forward to engaging with your feedback as you navigate and experience the new interface. We’ll be incorporating user requests into our feature roadmap as we go- that’s the beauty of building software in real time.

Introducing Jack Croasdale

We are also excited to introduce that Account Manager I mentioned earlier, the one who will be curating hand-picked candidate recommendations for our clients. Jack Croasdale joins the LaunchSource team on February 1.

Jack has a strong sales background and a deep understanding of the needs of an inside sales organization. He is also aligned with our human-first vision of sales and the tech industry as a whole. He’s ready to hit the ground running, get to know our clients, and elevate the experience of working with LaunchSource to a new standard of relationship-building and success.

Looking Forward

Next week, we’ll share more about our new vision of sales. We look forward to having those who have worked with us join this movement.

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